The LEGZ Technology

A real jean leggings made from the same fabric as woven denim jeans to keep the same quality and solidity of denim fabric associated with comfort and elasticity legging.
This bi-stretch fabric, stretch bi, will stick to your leg like a stocking. It will highlight your sensuality and your "glamor". High or low waist size according to the seasons and the models, the Legz it is a way of moving, to please, to attract attention, to capture the eyes of others.
With Legz you will feel more free to move, more beautiful, more desirable.
The Legz, jean leggings true, it is also unsurpassed comfort to date. It is composed of 95% cotton and 5% spandex.

Its elasticity may reach 30% in width and 20% in height.
A Legz it is a true second skin, a real jean which also seduce you with its washes and fashion effect.

The Legz is and will remain unique because it is protected by a European and international patent filed by Coralis Cabinet, to INPI.

This is a new concept of jeans and leggings to sublimate the woman putting elegance and femininity in the spotlight.